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DD131AY 16’ x 64’ + 8' Section Approx. 980 SQ. FT plus porch

Covered front porch 8 feet

Furnace stack extension (required)

Waterline shut offs - where accessible

Rear door upgrade - Housetype w/ storm door

Front door upgrade - 4 lite fiberglass w/o storm

Vinyl window (extra) 24x36 in Bath 1

Roof load 30# with 24" on center trusses

Ceiling lights (2) - ! @ Bedroom

Carbon Monoxide detectors (2) - (required)

Coastal Shores vinyl siding

Refrigerator 18 cu ft Frigidaire Black

Range Gas Frigidaire Black

Dishwasher installed Frigidaire Black

Vinyl flooring extended to front door

Choice of vinyl linoleum flooring

Backsplash 4" laminate Kitchen and Bath 1

Cabinet over laundry MO-206 Hickory

Cosmetic box MO-96A for double lav – Bath 1

Shower stall 54" fiberglass replace tub/shower

Double bowl lav cabinet and sinks in Bath 1

China bowl bath sinks (2) in Bath 1

Linen closet 15" 3-door in Bath 1

Interior doors (3) 36" 6-panel

Warranty 10 year MHWC 2-10

Check with your Housing Consultant or refer to the Options Directory for popular options available. 

In addition to the COLONY BEACON Standard Features the options listed below are as shown in the display model.

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